Why do so many small businesses close their doors within 5 years? Why do so many owners simply give up?  Is this the best they can do?


If you study the problem, you will discover that most (think 90%) fall victim to their own bad management.


While the word management includes many elements, the top three errors I have seen are:


  1. An unwillingness to self manage
  2. Loss of focus on what the job requires for bottom line results
  3. Not asking the two big questions: Where are we now and what’s next?


Change the focus:


You have probably heard that 50% of all small businesses close their doors within five years.  That number may be right or not. The number does not matter to you.


Focus instead on the more positive fact many small businesses are doing very well. These companies know how to succeed no matter what the conditions. They excel because the winning attitude: “Everything we do is a learning lesson to move forward!”


Isn’t that the whole point of being in business? To grow, to produce, to move forward?


If you have a vision of what’s possible for your future and keep that in front of you, you stay in the group that flourishes.




Richard L Reardon









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